Quick Breakdown of Top Running Backs

1. Bishop Sankey – 5-10 – 209 lbs. – Washington

Good Vision and Burst, identifies the hole and hits it.  Great 1 cut runner, willing to pass protect, runs behind his pads, good hands out of the backfield.  Has a small frame,  doesn’t have the ability to run through tacklers, does not always protect the ball.

2. Carlos Hyde – 6-0 – 230 lbs. – Ohio State

Well put together, runs hard and lowers his pads, great balance and ability to keep his feet driving to move piles., underrated lateral agility, can make a defender miss if he needs to.  Below average speed for an NFL runningback, concerns about maturity, suspended for 3 games last season, did not have great conditioning.

3. Tre Mason – 5-9 – 207 lbs. – Auburn

Powerful compact runner, makes decisive decisions and uses great acceleration to hit a hole, great ability to read defenders and set up blocks.  Has average speed, was not used often as a receiver in college.

4. Lache Seastrunk – 5-10 – 201 lbs. – Baylor

Runs with great balance, ability to cut on a dime and change speeds whenever he needs to.  Does not have great vision, dances in the hole to much, east-west runner who does not press the hole, put up most of his numbers against poor defenses.

5. Jeremy Hill – 6-1 – 233 lbs. – LSU

Runs downhill with elite power, attacks and presses the hole, breaks tackles and gains yards after the first contact, good burst and soft hands giving him the potential as a receiver.  Runs too high, has off the field concerns, doesn’t protect the ball, lazy in pass protection.

6. Devonta Freeman – 5-8 – 206 lbs. – FSU

Compact low to the ground build, great acceleration, utilizes great pad level and continues to keep his feet moving in a pile, good lateral movement and a smart runner who can follow his blocks.  Not able to break tackles, often dances too much and doesn’t run downhill as often as he should.

7. Ka’Deem Carey – 5-7 – 207 lbs. – Arizona

Great instincts and good balance, good acceleration, ability to find the hole and hit it, utilizes small jukes to makes defenders miss in the open field.  Good pass blocker with the ability to chip much bigger defenders.  Does not protect the ball while running, doesn’t have good top end speed, has shown character issues in the past.

8. Andre Williams – 5-11 – 230 lbs. –  Boston College

Powerful runner with terrific balance, lowers his shoulders to gain every yard that is available, follows his blocks and has solid agility to make a defender miss.  Does not have great acceleration which limits his ability to hit the hole, caught 0 passes last season so it is unknown how well he will do as a pass catcher.

9. Charles Sims – 6-0 – 214 lbs. – West Virginia

Great acceleration  to go along with good vision allows him to find the hole, presses the hole hard and bursts through allowing him to hit open lanes,  fantastic receiver out of the backfield.  Runs too high, does not show great lateral agility to make defenders miss, poor ball security.

10. Jerrick McKinnon – 5-9 – 209 lbs. – Georgia Southern

Strong powerful build, good lateral agility with the ability to change directions and accelerate.  Ability to turn the corner on an outside run with his great speed.  Rarely ran between the tackles in college, runs too high, has little to no experience playing the runningback position, very little experience as a receiver.


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